You have landed at Key West and are just raring to explore the magnificent island, famous for its mesmerizing sunsets, snorkeling, sailing, shops, and restaurants.
There is also so much for your kids in Key West like the animal park housing exotic animals, the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center, and Key West Wildlife Centre.
The best way to enjoy all of this without putting a dent in your wallet or wasting much time traveling from one spot to the other is through golf cart rental Key West.
Besides, it leaves them feeling fresh and excited to enjoy these spots. You can even take it on your shopping sprees and to Mallory Square to watch the performers and vendors’ performance.

Golf cart rental Key West benefits.

Whether you knew it or not, golf carts are the most popular, and comfortable forms of transportation on the island. You end up with more time to enjoy Key West’s tourist attractions because you quickly and easily travel between different destinations.
There are these many other benefits golf carts offer:

  • Perfectly built for an island

Golf carts are ruggedly built for use on an island. It’s fast, stable and can easily take you through most tight spaces. It is small in size, economical in fuel and its open-air structure lets you enjoy the fresh air as you weave through traffic.

  • Fits into tight spaces

Parking is not a problem for golf cart rental Key West because it easily fits into the tightest spaces.

  • Carries more people and things

The best advantage golf carts offer over scooters is that it can carry more people around. Scooters safely accommodate two people however you can choose between 2, 4, 6 and even 8 seated golf carts. And while you can’t carry things around on a scooter, you can very well do it on a golf cart.

  • Comfortable

You’ll enjoy yourself exploring the island on golf cart rentals Key West. It has padded seats and leaf spring or hydraulic shock suspension system that makes your ride comfortable with minimal jumps and back strain.

  • Easy to use

To make things easier it has a fully automatic transmission, meaning anyone can drive it. Its rack and pinion steering and drum brakes also make driving and controlling the vehicle all the easier.

  • Legal to drive

Don’t forget the fact that you can legally drive these carts on Key West roads. They no longer are meant to be used only on golf courses.

Types of golf cart Key West

There are so many golf carts to choose from at golf cart rental Key West, you are sure to find one just right for you. They run on either gas or electricity. In case it’s an electric golf cart make sure it has a full charge before leaving somewhere.
Also choose your golf cart based on the number of seats you need. The friendly staff will then deliver and even pick it up from wherever you want.
They are easy to control with its toggle switch which goes forward and reverse and there’s a neutral position to keep it when not in use. Most give out a backing horn or a buzzing sound when you reverse.
There are also cup holders to hold your favorite drinks as you explore the island. Coupled with the all-terrain tires and shade from the sun, these golf carts are just what Key West tourists need to comfortably explore the island.
You’ll enjoy the sea breeze in your face, and end up mesmerized by the open air views it offers you. If you love fresh air and feeling the air around you while driving, then golf carts are just right for exploring Key West.
Like any rental vehicle, you will be responsible for damages incurred onto it while in your position. Make sure you remove all the trash and personal items from the cart before returning it.
If you are going to Key West, you now know the best mode of transportation around the island for you. Not only are the golf carts here well maintained, but they also come with complimentary gas and oil refills. You don’t even have to worry if you don’t know the roads; golf cart rental Key West staff will help you wherever you are.


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